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Progress at last!

Glad to report that we have finally managed to make some progress with getting the Garon Park Shed up and running!

After failed attempts by us to set-out the foundations in-house we decided that we needed to bring in the experts to help us and, after many delays and lots of checking around we have been really fortunate to get a local builder, John Hills, to agree to do the set-up and install the foundations we need to get the shed delivered. He was also able to secure the materials for free from Manor Reclaim.

Here are a few photos of the work in progress.

Doing What Builders Do Best,

thinking with a cup of tea!

Working In The Sun!

Some pictures of John Hills and his team hard at work building the foundations for the Garon Park Shed. Thanks to his generosity, John has enabled us to kick start the shed and get the project literally off of the ground.

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