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A local charity approached the shed and asked them to build some planters to put outside their offices.

Using reclaimed scaffold boards the members built a pair of planters which were the engraved with the name of the charity.


Friendship Bench

A local walking netball club wanted a bench made where their members could sit and chat and create deeper bonds of friendship. They approached Garon Park Shed and discussed the idea. We were then able to design and build them a solid oak bench.

friendship bench.jpg

Project To Follow

Details of another project will be posted soon.


Christmas Trees

With a surplus of old pallets to use up a shed member came up with the idea of building pallet wood Christmas Trees.

Along with some of the team he worked on a design and the results are shown below.

We do sell these trees, in various sizes, at Christmas. However, as they take some while to build, we do not take order after 31st October.

Xmas tree.jpg

Christmas Reindeer

One of our members spent some time in his own workshop and came up with a great idea for Christmas. A cute wooden reindeer!

Wooden reindeer_edited.jpg

Project To Follow

Details of another project will be posted soon.

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